Relax-Rejuvenate-RevealYou are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean,
in a drop.
— Rumi


Have you been yearning for a deeper meaning to life?
A deeper realization into your true nature?
Embark on an all-encompassing journey to self-realization.

Elements of Tao

Elements of Tao offers guidance, refined over decades of wisdom, in your evolution towards self-empowerment, revelation, and the complete integration of mind, body and spirit.

Taoists perceive the universe as a living organism infused with life force, Qi. It is said that if we live in harmony with the laws of nature, our entire system will be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This allows Qi, our life force, to flow freely and evenly through the body, passing smoothly along invisible energy channels known as meridians. When Qi becomes blocked or stagnant, we experience imbalances which disrupt the healthy functioning of our entire body, giving rise to all manner of discomfort and even dis-ease. Many ancient healing traditions confirm this, that a state of wholeness is possible only when one lives in peace and harmony with the natural world. This is further confirmed in Quantum theory, revealing all matter stems from energy, stated in the equation E=mc2. It has also been proven that our thoughts create our reality, that the way we think has a direct impact on the quality of our life. The web of life is truly connected. What the sages, mystics, and wise ones always knew, we are what we think, Energy follows intention. When all energies harmonize, this gives rise to the experience of true balance and harmony.

In modern day society, stress is largely responsible for many of our illnesses or dis-eases, which cause us to lose touch with our very essence of being. We are constantly in the process of ‘doing’ (activating our sympathetic nervous system- ‘fight or flight’) and rarely giving ourselves moments to just ‘be’ (activation of the parasympathetic nervous system- ‘rest and digest’). Many of our physical symptoms are true imbalances which present on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Elements of Tao incorporates ancient healing practices, combined with modern healing techniques, aimed to restore the integrity of mind, body and spirit. Your healing journey is a powerful one, an all encompassing pilgrimage, recovering essential parts of your be-ing that have been damaged, hidden or lost. Embark on your journey of sacred participation and healing through positive intent, opening your heart, and allowing yourself to participate more consciously in your life, giving it greater meaning and validity. Become more attuned, shifting your perspective to reveal the true beauty and gift of your life and lessons for what they are.

Elements of Tao invites you, in a safe and respectful manner, to courageously  embrace your true experience in life. Shift and release limiting thoughts and belief patterns, view your challenges as true gifts. Your physical, mental, and spiritual evolution towards true authenticity and self-actualization. An adventure rekindling vibrant health and happiness. Let Elements of Tao inspire and guide you on your sacred journey, exploring and evolving your own self-healing potential, for true healing can come only from within ourselves.

Welcome h’om’e.

Spiritual Alchemy Journey

Guided meditation, light-energy work, sacred sound healing, acupuncture, plant spirit medicine, nutritional guidance, journeying, chakra cleansing and re-alignment, movement therapies.

For your personalized journey, in the privacy of your own home, we will meet and devise a plan which addresses all aspects for your healing and evolution towards wholeness. Blending acupuncture’s ancient healing practices, sacred sound healing, Reiki, Medical Qigong, Chakra balancing, Chi Nei Tsang, Meditation, Advanced Therapeutic bodywork, soul journeying, as well as herbal and dietary recommendations.

Affecting positive change on all levels,
restoring vitality, balancing all systems,
to connect to your higher self
and a deeper sense of healing.
A safe and supportive container for
your soul’s healing and growth.
For deep inner transformation,
to return to your true power.

Give yourself 3 hours for this treatment   $220

Elements of Tao

Carol Reed, L.Ac.
Reiki Master
Sound Healer
Intuitive Energy-Light worker


Carol Reed, L.Ac.
Carol Reed, L.Ac.
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Watsu and Waterdance
Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy
Chi Nei Tsang
Chi Nei Tsang and Qigong

health practices with the five elements